my promise

The health claims made by any company that we stock are well researched so everything is guaranteed to be good for you and yours. Basically if I love it I’ll try and stock it and if I can’t find it I’ll consider making it.

The super foods that we stock are all made by my sisters company and they regularly win awards for taste as well as nutritional value, so it’s a win win there.

The cosmetics we stock are by ‘neals yard remedies’ and I think anybody who has tried them will agree that they are the nicest skin products ever. They are also chemical free, organic and fare trade so all good there.

The yoga props are all made by us here in Kilkenny, Ireland as are the hand knotted, precious stone mala beads. These beautiful
Strings of 108 beads are ideal for meditation and also look and feel wonderful to wear.

Our Epsom salt and magnesium based bath products started when I discovered that 80% of European people are magnesium deficient which leads to so many health problems all of which can be prevented by soaking in a hot bath of yummy smelling salts..


We will be adding to our shop on a regular basis so please drop by often and if you have any questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you.