Mini chakra candle


Our Chakra candles are great for yoga practice or meditation times or for just adding a mood to any room. they also look beautiful together anywhere in your home. The scent of each candle is kept simple so that they smell divine when burning together.

Chakra 1 muladhara – base – earth element is rosewood and vertiver essential oil

chakra 2 svadhisthana –  sacral – water element is with ylang ylang

chakra 3 manipura – solar plexus – fire element is with lemon and orange essential oil

chakra 4 Anahata – heart – air element

chakra 5 Vishuddha – throat – space is with thyme

Chakra 6 Ajna – third eye – wisdom is with frankincense

Chakra 7 Sahasrara – crown – oneness is with sandalwood

We can choose for you or let us know if you want a particular candle.

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