Selenite wand with citrine and dried flowers


One 10cm piece of selenite with a citrine crystal and small bunch of dried Irish wild flowers.

Things people have said they like to do with our selenite wand:
Fine Tuned Focus – if you find yourself getting spacy throughout the day or if you are suffering from brain fog, keep a Selenite wand at your desk or in your studio space to encourage the mind to stay sharp and en pointe.

Cleanse the Space – Selenite wands are great for refreshing spaces too. Place it on the windowsill or entrance points to keep the bad vibes out. You can also use your Selenite wand in a similar manner to smudging in order to shift any stagnant energy.

Cleanse Crystals – If you have crystal or jewelry, you can keep them charged or clear by placing them on your Selenite wand.

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