The Kilkenny School of Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Programme follows the standards of Yoga Alliance professionals Registered Yoga Teacher 200 Hour certification requirements. The course includes:

Yoga Asana Practice and Class Planning

Restorative Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga combined promotes good health and vitality of mind, body and soul.

We start by using the breath. We combine our breath work with a soft gentle yoga or with a strong physical practice (vinyasa yoga) depending on your physical ability. To fully benefit from yoga we need to practice both.

Doing a class with restorative focus and understanding relaxation is essential in finding a place of stillness, calm and healing. We must challenge ourselves physically and ‘play the edge’ to find our physical limits. Then we must expand them to find a place of calm and observe the transition from physically challenging to complete surrender.

The challenge as a teacher is that everyone in class has different strengths and abilities so we must find a balance to keep everybody moving and reaching their own limits within the postures so that the mind stays focused before we all move together and go back to a state of relaxation.

Marrying Restorative Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga gives our practice a teaching depth that allows for transformation and growth.

A detailed look at the main yoga postures (asana) will be taught – safe variations for the less physically able will be included. Students will learn through guided yoga practices and will be given lots of teaching practice and hands on experience.

Anatomy and Physiology, and Subtle Body Anatomy

Our Anatomy & Physiology Module is taught by a Certified Physiotherapist who is also a Yoga Teacher. A sound understanding of the main body systems and organ functions will be offered as well as an in-depth study of the main muscles of movement and common ailments and injuries in relation to yoga.

This part of our course will be broken into easy to digest bite size pieces.

Supple Body Anatomy (with an emphasis on the Chackra System) will be covered during our retreat which takes place the very last weekend of training.

Meditation and Pranayama:

Meditation and Breathing (Pranayama) is an essential part of yoga and will be covered extensively on our course. The practices of Yoga Nidra and Chakra Meditation will be explored with lots of guided visualisation and handy tips on bringing this element into your own practice and your classes.

Yoga Philosophy and History

We will look at the birth of various forms of yoga and study the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Bhagavad-Gita, and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

The Business of Yoga

Our module on the business of yoga is very comprehensive. We will help you with everything from understanding your unique teaching style and how to market that, to how to get work as substitute teacher, or even start your own business. The comprehensiveness of our business module is quit unique and we are truly excited to help you become the most successful version of yourself that you can be.

Contact Essie on 087 6609654 for more details or email:

Yoga Teacher Training 2023


 Module 1

Sat 14th January
Sat 28th January

Module 2

Sat 4th February
Sat 18th February
Sat 4th March

Module 3

Sat 18th March
Sat 1st April

Module 4

Sat 15th April
Sat 29th April

Module 5

Sat 13th May
Sat 27th May

Module 6

Sat 10th June
Sat 24th June

Module 7

Sat 2nd September
Sat 16th September

Module 8

Sat 30th September
Sat 28th October

Module 9

Sat 11th november
Sat 25th november
Sat 9th december

Module 10 (21 hours teaching practice and class attendance hours at kk school of yoga throughout your course)

Details on How to Apply to our 200 Hour Teacher Training Course:

  • Download & Complete Application Form (below)
  • Along with the Application Form you will also need a Reference Letter from your Primary Yoga Instructor.
    1. Email both the Application Form + Reference to
  • Essie will then give you a call to establish further your suitability for the course and answer any questions you may have.
  • If you are selected for the teacher training programme, you will need to pay a €500 non-refundable deposit to hold your place on the course.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit we will send you on further details such as the reading list and your first homework assignment.
  1. Teacher Training: Course Costs

The full cost of the course is €2,500 and must be paid by 31st December

The course fee may also be paid in instalments and in exceptional circumstances on a modular basis (please call Essie on 087 6609654 to discuss further).

* Course fees are non-refundable. Costs include all tuition & mentoring over the year + a detailed teacher training manual and any other relevant teaching material.

Additional costs: Registration Fee with Yoga Alliance professionals + Reading List.

Click here to download an Application Form